Here is Why Your Spouse Visa Got Rejected

With the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a massive change in the lives of people all around the world. Though Australia is a safe land to migrate to, the pandemic has made it a little hard for partners to meet each other.


Have you applied for an Australian spouse visa and been refused? It is very overwhelming to get your spouse visa refused, especially when you and your partner are waiting to be with each other for so long. After all, it is the decision about your lives and having your spouse visa in Warrnambool rejected affects your conjugal life.

To help you understand why your Australian partner visa got refused, here we will walk you through the reasons:

Reasons for Australian spouse visa refusal

Your relationship does not seem genuine in the eyes of immigration officers

This is the number one reason for your spouse visa getting refused. If you are unable to give details of your relationship or the details provided, do not match with the other. To get a spouse visa, you must prove your relationship genuine; you need to provide evidence of your marriage. If the immigration officers realize that you are faking your relationship, the chances are high that your visa will be denied in the first place.

You were unable to respond to the requests of an immigration case officer

If you do not respond to the request of the immigration officer to submit additional documentation, you will be denied for a spouse visa. You could not be able to complete your medical examination for the assessment of your application for a partner visa.

You failed during the interview

If one of you could not answer some of the vital and common questions about your relationship, your partner visa is more likely to get rejected. Failing to answer the immigration officer’s questions means you are failing to convince them about your relationship, which is leading the officer to think that your relationship is not genuine.

Insufficient document or information provided

If you provide fake evidence or proof of your marriage, it will be caught by the immigration case officer. They will reject your visa then and there. Fake documents of your marriage would not save you. If you think they would not notice it, you are absolutely wrong. In fact, every document that you provide is verified and tested to know whether or not they are authentic.

Your health requirements are not met

Your spouse did not meet the health requirements to get the visa. All applicants must meet specific health requirements to get an entry to Australia. Failing to do that can lead to a refusal of the visa.

If you are waiting to live with your spouse, it is common that you would not want to get a rejected visa. Above are some of the most common reasons why your spouse visa gets refused. Make sure you are aware of the requirements that are needed to meet to get a visa.

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