Everything That You Want to Know About Getting Ready for The Partner Visa Interview

Your Australian partner visa has been lodged already, and you are eagerly awaiting the result. We understand you are hoping everything to be smooth and your partner’s visa gets approved soon. In the meantime, one fine day, you get a call from a visa case officer from the Department of Home Affairs, saying you have to attend an interview about your partner visa application.

This is what you might not have expected but was warned by your migration agent. Now, what steps to take, especially in this situation when you are already this nervous. Here is a guide that might help you in the process.

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If a registered migration agent represents you

If a registered migration agent or an immigration lawyer is representing you, it Is safe to seek help from your agent. Make sure you prepare yourself with the questions that they might ask you and make an appointment via your representative.

If you have no representative for immigration at Warrnambool

In that case, do not get nervous and talk patiently. Let the office know right now you are unable to speak and let them know a suitable time that you can speak to them.

What is the purpose of the visa interview?

These interviews are conducted so that the Department of Home Affairs determine whether the visa applicant and the sponsor have enough knowledge about each other. The sole purpose of the interview is to make sure that the relationship between you and your partner is genuine.

Are these interviews conducted only over the phone?

It depends. It can be conducted by a phone call or in person. If it is an in-person interview, it is generally fixed in advance. In some cases, visa officers arrive unannounced to the residence of the visa applicant.

Are these interviews transcribed or recorded?

The one-word answer is – NO. Based on the discussion in the interview, the case officer makes a brief note that is not related to the content of the interview.

Is there a chance of visa refusal if some of the answers are not given currently?

The answers about you and your partner must match and confirmed by one another. If both the parties’ responses do not match with one another, then there is a question of authenticity.

In case your partner visa is rejected for the interview, it is recommended to seek advice from an experienced Partner Visa Immigration Lawyer.

Might some questions be tricky?

To understand your marriage status, whether it is genuine or just to get a visa, the case officers will trick you into questions about you and your partner’s marriage in detail. There you have to be careful enough to give all the answers with patience.

Here is a list of some obvious questions that the case officer is going to ask you in the interview.

  • When did you and your partner meet?
  • Since when are you in a relationship with each other before marriage?
  • What is your partner’s date of birth?
  • When did you get engaged with each other?

These are some of the sample questions that the interviewing officer might ask you. Prepare yourself as well as you can without getting nervous.

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